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Band Available for HireHire the Sleeze sisters Band for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate, Parties, Engagements, Events, Christenings, Promotions, Retirements, Parties and Concerts.

About the Band

The Sleeze Sisters are one of the hardest working Bands on the circuit currently. They get booked back time after time and are fast building a reputation
as the hottest ticket in town. Ridiculas leary outfits backed up by top class musicianship as they power through classics from the 1970's to current day chart hits. As seasoned session musicians you can expect  stunning replications of all your favourite tunes. Supported by four part harmonies and a top of the range Theatre PA and Lighting system the Sisters are guarenteed to have you up on your feet. Totally live, the Sisters are not to be missed.  
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Sleeze Sisters are a five piece band consisting of Bass, Drums, Guitars, Sax and Front Man.

The band also has a full audio/visual back up with some very impressive equipment ideal for putting on a great show. Read More


Read about the whole gang below and figure out what makes us tick!

Reverend Steve - Bass

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Colin Scott - Drums/Backing Vocals

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Lucky John - Guitars/Backing Vocals

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Single Steve - Saxophone/Backing Vocals

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Chris Peters - Main Vocals

Read about Chris Peters


PA System

* 2 x Nexo Alpha-Em (10" + 2" Mid/Hi Enclosure)
* 2 x Nexo Alpha B1-18 (1x 18" Bass Enclosure)
* 2 x Camco Vortex 4 Amplifier
* 2 x Nexo Alpha-e Wheel Boards
* 1 x Nexo NX241 Digital Controller
* 1 x 10U Shock-mount Rack Flightcase
* 1 x 2u Mains, Signal, Speaker distribution panel
* 1 x 15m NL8 speaker cable (8 core 2.5mm)
* 1 x 10m NL8 speaker cable (8 core 2.5mm)
* 2 x 2m NL4 speaker cable (4 core 2.5mm)

Component Details

AlphaE B1-18 Bass Module

The AlphaE B1-18 can be stacked or flown together in arrays with ALPHA M3, M8 and S2 and AlphaE-M cabinets. The B1-18 uses one NEXO specified high power 18" LF driver on an innovative internal flare component manufactured of rigid honeycomb composites. This high efficiency design delivers extremely low distortion, coherent bass output from 40Hz to 230Hz. High power Bass module (140dB peak SPL @ 1m) using a composite curve flared horn loaded 1x 18" 6Ω LF driver. High efficiency, lightweight design, usable frequency response 40-230Hz. (70 kg)

AlphaE-M Mid/Hi Module

The AlphaE-M uses an exponential horn loaded 10" MF driver and a constant directivity horn loaded 2" HF driver giving 75° x 30° dispersion. Operable 2-way passive for cost-effective system designs or 2-way active for ultimate performance and control, the AlphaE-M has a frequency response of 220Hz-19kHz.
Together with a AlphaE B1-18 Bass, the AlphaE-M delivers outstanding performance as a compact, arrayable medium scale system or a flexible near or side-fill supplement to the ALPHA System. High power Mid/Hi module (140dB peak SPL @ 1m) with horn loaded 10" MF and 3" HF components. Medium Q, 75° x 30° dispersion, frequency response 220Hz-19kHz. Configurable as passive or 2-way active. (45 kg)


Precision circuits engineered for Nexo loudspeakers permit increased sound pressure and operational reliability. Flexible loudspeaker management system for all Nexo loudspeaker systems, providing crossover, driver protection and system alignment. User configurable inter-channel gain, delay and array EQ. Highest quality audio performance, 24 bit data with 48 bit accumulator; 100MIPS. 2 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs and 4 sense inputs enable a single NX241 to easily manage multiple Nexo cabinets within each product range. Comprehensive 16x2 character backlit LCD display, indicators and controls.

Camco Vortex 4

Total precision and transparency is the trademark of the Vortex series, thanks to its careful design eliminating sound-deteriorating drawbacks right from the start. This is also evident in the Vortex Series exceptional low distortion values and excellent signal to noise ratio. The Vortex amplifier can easily switch between applications and speaker setups due to its unique power regime. This consists of an extensive power reservoir, stability down to 1 Ohm loads and the ability to run in Stereo, Bridge Mono and Parallel Mono operation modes.

Stereo Power @ 8 Ohms = 920W per channel

Stereo Power @ 4 Ohms = 1600W per channel

Stereo Power @ 2 Ohms = 2000W per channel

Bridge Power @ 8 Ohms = 3200W (mono)

Bridge Power @ 4 Ohms = 4000W (mono)


16x LED Par 64 CANS

2 Moonbeans 2 Twisters

2 IPAC Multi Floods

2x IBAN Smoke Machines

Crystal 32 Multidesk


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