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Band Available for HireHire the Sleeze sisters Band for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate, Parties, Engagements, Events, Christenings, Promotions, Retirements, Parties and Concerts.


Reverend Steve - Bass

Equipment: Gibson Thunderbird, Gibson Nikki Six Sig, Gibson Blackbird, Gene Simmons Punisher, Hartke 5500 Head. 2 x Hartke 4x10 Cabs,
AGK Wireless System & Planet Waves Leads.
Born: Newcastle

Fondly known as Killer Stevie plays with an intensity not seen since we slipped laxatives in Lucky Johns Tea. Stevie plays old school bass using original 70’s Gibson guitars and amplification to re create that thunderous rock sound of that era. If ever Steve became unemployed as one of the North Ests leading Bass man, we now know that he could easily carve a successful career in guring.